scones, tate & spring

Last weekend was so lovely. It started at the pub on Friday afternoon

with Neil

and Liam, who didn't feel at all like looking like he was having a good time. :)

It was a beautiful, beautiful spring evening.

And then Liam made this delicious risotto.

On Saturday, Liam made scones, and then we ate them, and that was Saturday.

And on Sunday, we went to Liverpool to go to Tate, yay!

This is Liam in front of a green screen

and in a donut. :)

And this is me in front of a green screen

and in a donut. :)

Such cute.

There was a Roy Lichtenstein exhibition which I really liked, in part because getting to see these artworks that I've known for so long up close, was really cool.

I like Liverpool.

This is Liam's "what do you mean you've never had coleslaw ...?!" face.

On Sunday night I needed my alone time, so I went for a walk. It was spring and warm and all kinds of beautiful in Chester.

And then Liam taught me how to play backgammon, which seems like pretty perfect way to end a Sunday.

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