I'm travelling

When I was at uni, I was convinced I'd never be self employed. It seemed like a vague dream, an adventure that more talented, entrepreneurial people than me would take on. I thought I'd be happier with the security that comes with a salary showing up on your bank account every month. And here I am, five years after my final recital, happier than ever before, and almost entirely self employed. I didn't plan it: I just kept choosing what would make me happier, at every crossroads.

And now that I am self employed, I try not to take this luxurious life for granted, and instead make the most of it, while I can.

So I decided to take a trip.

I'll spend a couple of weeks or so in this country:

Because I fell in love with this man and everything is better when we're together:

I'm jumping over the pond to spend a few days in this here city (where I haven't been since 2008, and I didn't like it then - I was depressed because I was on the pill (NEVER AGAIN) - I'm thinking I might have a different experience now):

And then I'm going to North Carolina for a week at the Blues Experiment, where I've never been, so I don't have any photos but I'm SO EXCITED about all the blues dancing geekery that's going to happen!

Then some more England, including London Lindy Exchange which probably won't be shit either.

See you in six weeks, Sweden. :)

Fred Åkerström | Jag ger dig min morgon

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