last bits of my uk summer

I'm back home in Sweden now and with the cooler air and rain we've had lately I'm imagining that autumn, my favourite season, is already starting ... But before all that, here are some snaps of my last three weeks in the UK. In short: they were magical.

I took this photo at a wedding we went to because I like letters and I like lights and I like big letters with lights in them. But, excuse the cliché, it's also quite a good photo to symbolise those three last weeks of summer. Once I got through the overload and fatigue and muchness of the start of the summer, everything fell into place and I started truly loving spending time in the North. Also I found myself even more in love with Liam - just overflowing and giddy with bubbles, every day. I don't hate that feeling. :)

So yeah, we went to a wedding! Liam's going for "classy and charming" while I'm all like "OMG English wedding such much UK culture everywhere and people wear weird clothes and everything's so WEIRD AND INTERESTING!!!"

Also look at all the grey in my hair! For someone who's always loved dying their hair (and been through hours and hours of SEVERE SCALP PAIN for it ...), having it turn silver FOR FREE is pretty perfect, I gotta say.

Board game Sunday! We invited a bunch of friends over and played board games for ... like nine hours. It was pretty perfect and I only cried once (so many games that I'm normally very good at in Swedish, are impossible for me to play in English, because of language knowledge. And then I cry a little bit because I feel like I suck at life, and when I'm done crying it passes and I'm having fun again).

All the lovely people!

Date night! I didn't even know what a date night was before starting this relationship (since we don't really have a dating culture in Sweden), but it's apparently just like in films: good food + cocktails + kisses. I'm on board with that.

Also, Liverpool is really pretty.

Bibimbap (very mild version for me please thanks) ...

and Clover Club. Can't have too many of these. Well, to be fair, I've actually never tried how many I can have ... But I'm looking forward to making that happen.

Georgie's birthday party happened, yay! I didn't take any photos other than this one, I was busy Englishing the whole evening. But I asked Georgie to take one of me and Liam ...

... thanks Jess. :)

One afternoon I spent wandering around the Liverpool Cathedral.

It's immense and beautiful and I really liked it. Haven't been up to see the tower yet, but dating a former bell ringer as I am, it seems likely that that might happen at some point. :)

Abdullah Ibrahim | Water from an Ancient Well

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