lake, sea and burgers

Liam was here over the bank holiday weekend! I don't understand what bank holidays are for, but if it means Liam can stay longer, I'm all for them.

We went to have fika with my parents (they'd never met Liam before which feels unbelievable given how important he is to me - I blame the whole separate countries thing). Everyone was on their best behaviour. :)

Then we went for a walk to the nearest lake, where I would always go for a swim growing up. And Liam jumped in with me!!! Turns out he doesn't dislike swimming at all, it just has to be at a decent temperature, which obviously isn't achievable in the UK at all ever. This was a very comfortable 19°C. I loved it so much.

In the evening I took him to my favourite burger place.

Because lemonade and burgers.

And the day after we went to the sea!

It was windy

and I loved it.

I take so much joy from getting to show Liam all the places that are important to me. And landscapes, too; they don't really have this kind of landscape, which I sometimes feel is what my entire childhood consists of. I would have loved to take him to the cottage, but it's a bit too far to drive for just one day. Next summer though.

Other than this, we went dancing (such a joy to watch Liam dancing with my friends), snuggled, watched films (I introduced the very important Swedish film Fucking Åmål) and ate our body weights in Dumle (Liam's new favourite and one of the many ways in which I try to convince him of Sweden's general awesomeness). It was the perfect weekend.

Saying goodbye was a lot harder this time. It gets harder every time. I cried on and off for a whole day before he left ... And I know why long distance keeps getting harder and harder, rather than easier. It's because we keep falling more and more in love with each other. All I could think was: This is so good, how could I not want this? Why would I choose everyday life without Liam, when there's everyday life with Liam?

Soon. Just a few months now.

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