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This is an archive of blog posts I've written about dance events I've been to since I came back to dancing in 2014. Some of the blog posts are from events where I was the official photographer; they will have mostly photos of social dancing. Some of them are long and wordy, a place for me to describe something that touched me deeply. Some of them are more about walks and touristing in the city I was visiting, than about the actual dance event I was there for. And some posts are a combination of all of these things: a competition or teacher demo I documented, a dinner with friends before the evening social, bands and musicians, an afternoon fika, a morning walk, a portrait of a loved one, all my favourite smiles from a Saturday dance. ("I don't have two lives. This is one life, and the personal pictures and the assignment work are all part of it." Annie Leibovitz)

I will never be the kind of professional blogger or photographer who has a sense for what is the most selling way to present myself and my work. My life is a jumbled mixture of everything I love. And this blog is a representation of my life, as true as I am able to capture it.

the Spoonful 2018 (Edinburgh)
Dear Spoonful
the Spoonful 2018 part I
the Spoonful 2018 part II

Trippin' Blues 2018 (Amsterdam)
Trippin' Blues 2018 part I
Trippin' Blues 2018 part II

Swingin' Spring 2018 (Göteborg)
Swingin' Spring 2018: Thursday
Swingin' Spring 2018: Friday
Swingin' Spring 2018: Classes
Swingin' Spring 2018: Saturday
Swingin' Spring 2018: Sunday

Hullzapoppin' 2018 (Hull) Hullzapoppin' 2018 part I
Hullzapoppin' 2018 part II

London Lindy Exchange 2018 (London)
Sunday at London Lindy Exchange

the Blues Experiment 2018 (Outer Banks, North Carolina)
the Blues Experiment part I
the Blues Experiment part II
the Blues Experiment part III: Campfire Night
the Blues Experiment part IV: Balboa & beach
the Blues Experiment part V
the Blues Experiment part VI: the Friday party
the Blues Experiment part VII: Friday dancing

Hygge Blues 2018 (Copenhagen)
Friday at Hygge Blues
Saturday at Hygge Blues
Sunday at Hygge Blues

Double Shot of Blues and Fusion 2018 (Valencia)
Double Shot of Blues and Fusion

Crash! 2018 (Delft)
Crash! part I
Crash! part II
Sunshine and dating in Delft

Authentic Jazz Weekend 2018 (Göteborg)
Authentic Jazz Weekend del I
Authentic Jazz Weekend del II

the Snowball 2017 (Stockholm)
the Snowball part I
the Snowball part II
A day in Stockholm
Eat sleep dance - but mostly eat

Blues Baby Blues 2017 (London)
Blues Baby Blues

Blues in the Hudd 2017 (Huddersfield)
Blues in the Hudd part I
Blues in the Hudd part II

Berlin Blues Explosion 2017 (Berlin)
Berlin Blues Explosion 2017: friday
Berlin Blues Explosion 2017: saturday
Berlin Blues Explosion 2017: sunday

Copenhagen Fusion Festival 2017 (Copenhagen)
Gentle Sorrows i Köpenhamn

Bear Blues Exchange 2017 (Berlin)
Bear Blues Exchange 2017
Saturday afternoon in Berlin
An afternoon at Insel der Jugend

the Spoonful 2017 (Edinburgh)
the Spoonful part I
the Spoonful part II
the Spoonful part III

Twilight Blues & Fusion 2017 (Amsterdam)
Walking in Amsterdam
A Saturday in Amsterdam
A Sunday in Amsterdam

Swingin' Spring 2017 (Göteborg)
Swingin' Spring 2017: Thursday
Swingin' Spring 2017: Friday
Swingin' Spring 2017: Classes
Swingin' Spring 2017: Saturday
Swingin' Spring 2017: the tea dance

Stockholm Blues Fest 2017 (Södertälje)
Stockholm Blues Fest I
Stockholm Blues Fest II
Stockholm Blues Fest II
Stockholm Blues Fest IV

Moose Blues 2017 (Oslo)
Snapshots from Moose Blues
A Moose Blues Mythology adventure

Fair City Blues 2017 (Dublin)
Fair City Blues part I
Fair City Blues part II
Fair City Blues part III

the Blues Garden 2017 (Göteborg)
Thoughts & photos from the Blues Garden
Before the Blues Garden

Autumn Blues 2016 (Warsaw)

Herräng Dance Camp 2016 (Herräng)
Mot Herräng
En torsdag i Herräng
Tårtor, vimplar och havsutsikt i Herräng
När man inte dansar
Savoy night med Hornsgatan

the Spoonful 2016 (Edinburgh)
Walking in Edinburgh pt 1
Walking in Edinburgh pt 2
the Spoonful

European Blues Invasion 2016 (London)
Wicked, Bankside and Stompin' the Blues
European Blues Invasion 2016

Swingin' Spring 2016 (Göteborg)
Swingin' Spring 2016

Espanish Blues Festival 2016 (Madrid)
Gamla gator och paella i Madrid
El Retiro, bollträd och klassisk konst i Madrid
Tvättstreck och pastellväggar i Madrid
Espanish Blues Festival

the Blues Garden 2016 (Göteborg)
the Blues Garden 2016

Authentic Jazz Weekend 2016 (Göteborg)
Authentic Jazz Weekend på WCJ

Gothenburg Lindy Exchange 2015 (Göteborg)
GBGLX del 1
GBGLX del 2

Herräng Dance Camp 2015 (Herräng)
En tisdag i Herräng
Annat som är fint i Herräng
En torsdag i Herräng
En fredagsnatt i Herräng

Swingin' Spring 2015 (Göteborg)
Swingin' Spring 2015: del 1
Swingin' Spring 2015: del 2

Minor Swing 2015 (Göteborg)
Minor Swing 2015: Shuffle with the wax

Espanish Blues Festival 2015 (Madrid)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

the Blues Garden 2015 (Göteborg)

Berlin Blues Explosion 2014 (Berlin)
Berlin del 1
Berlin del 2
Berlin del 3
Berlin del 4
Berlin del 5
Berlin del 6
Berlin del 7
Berlin del 8

Herräng Dance Camp 2014 (Herräng)
Herräng portraits
A Thursday in Herräng
Back to silent movies in Herräng
Back to Herräng

EBI 2014 (London)
Things I didn't photograph at EBI - note on this post: beware, it is very long. I am So Glad now, three years later, that I wrote all of this down. EBI was my very first international blues dance event (except for Blues Garden which didn't really count because a) it was really small, b) it's in my hometown, and c) I'm organizing it) and this post is just overflowing with love and joy. And I am so glad that so many things that were new to me then, are familiar to me now; that this dance scene is a home to me. I love that feeling.
European Blues Invasion part 1
European Blues Invasion part 2
Blues dancing at 7 AM in a London park

Swingin' Spring 2014 (Göteborg)
Swingin Spring: Thursday night
Swingin Spring: Friday night party
Swingin Spring: Classes
Swingin Spring: GBG Wallflowers + Lindy Deluxe
Swingin Spring: Saturday night party
Swingin Spring: Competitions
Swingin Spring: Tea dance

Blues Garden 2014 (Göteborg)
Part 1: Friday
Part 2: Saturday
Part 3: Sunday

Also, this thing I wrote in 2014 ...
"Knowing that there's nowhere I'd rather be in this moment, and at the same time incredulously wondering how it can be real – what did I do to make this my life? I must have done something right at one point or another, to have been able to create this life for me; this beautiful, wonderful life, that somehow includes blues dancing in a London park after a night of amazing dancing while the city is waking up to a new day around us."

I must have done something right.

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