weekend things

Weekend things: Two films at the film festival yesterday, Climates, which I didn't like (but I had to consider it for a while), and Faintheart, which was hilarious. Meetings, discussions and dancing with the other lindy hop teachers earlier today. And a game of Settlers with the boyfriend, which he surprisingly enough won.

Jimmie Lunceford | For Dancers Only

our room

I'm really liking the room that we call "our room" (our apartment consists of five rooms: the living room, Anders' room, the empty room, our bedroom, and our room). Because it's messy and feels creative and there's enough space for both of us to work here at the same time (although we sometimes have to fight over "the big computer" (versus "the little computer", also called "my computer" even though they are both Johan's)). I like my lamp and my book table and to have library books to put on it.

Prince | I Wanna Be Your Lover

trying to find some color

Trying to find some color in all the grey and brown. It's been a rather dull week at school with no one really knowing what assignments we have or what we are supposed to do ... The place is a lot like that, very unstructured. Anyways, we start with oil painting on Monday. Now that is bound to be interesting ...! :)

Thomas Dybdahl | Always

recipes for disaster

This has been one of those blah kind of days, when everything feels boring and I can't seem to get anything done. Oh well. I'm off to see Recipes for Disaster at the film festival soon. I don't know if it's the kind of film that will cheer me up or not, but at least it will get me out of this apartment.

Teitur | Poetry and Aeroplanes

pomegranates and myrrh

GIFF, Göteborg International Film Festival, 2009 starts for me with Pomegranates and Myrrh, a very beautiful, dramatic and sad, but still warm, film about everyday life in the occupied Ramallah. You should all see it. For some reason I've never been to Aftonstjärnan before. It is a quite lovely movie theatre, as you can see. Afterwards we take the boat to Järntorget in the grey weather.

Morten Lauridsen | Agnus Dei from Lux Aeterna

photography again

That place is so inspiring, and there's so much to photograph! Talk about getting the love of photography back. The change of environment truly did wonders! I guess the true challenge lies in seeing beautiful things in your surroundings even if they have been the same for ten or twenty years ... Let's just say, I'm not there yet. :)

Euphoria and the Lazy Boy | Goodbye