edinburgh lindy exchange 2018 part III

Maybe you thought that dancing on the Saturday at ELX was over where I finished my last blog post? Oh no no no! There was an after party, of course! And it was an after party with brownies!

And cuddles.

And blues dancing!!! An event where I get balboa in the morning, lindy in the afternoon and evening, and blues all night? Yes. Just yes.

Survivor's photo, 5 AM. <3

I'll admit, we had a lie-in and where just a tad bit late for the tea dance the next day. :)

But once we got there, there was enough yummy fika to wake us up properly.

And as I always say: tea dances are the best. I get my best dances at tea dances, and most of the time, my favourite photos, too. Here are some I liked:

Normally, an event would be over after the tea dance ... But ELX does Sunday dancing right, so there's one more post coming up. :)

edinburgh lindy exchange 2018 part II

After dancing on the Mound, these two delightful gentlemen and myself went for a fika. I love having this kind of quality time with good friends during dance events. Specially since Liam and I are Rafi's biggest fans, and it's impossible for me to write a blog post with him in it without pointing out what a BABE he is.

Our search for fika soon became a search for crêpes, and the search for crêpes led us to finding a chocolate café (!). And I ended up ordering this. A chocolate pizza. Because how could I not?

Then Liam and I walked back to our host for a nap. This is his "surely you're done taking photos soon? I guess not. Cool. I'll put up with it, but only because I love you" face.

Hello autumn, you're my favourite!

Dinner time! Tapas for 14 people please.

Look at all the lovely people I got to hang out with!

The Hub, which was the evening venue, was beautiful.

Dancing happened:

Some of it, the slightly less serious kind of dancing. :)

edinburgh lindy exchange 2018 part I

Oh hello Edinburgh! Two weeks ago I spent a fabulous weekend in this beautiful city, for Edinburgh Lindy Exchange. We went straight from Balboa Castle Camp, and when we booked it I felt like it was probably a stupid idea. Turns out it was a magical idea, I'm so happy I went.

I had this gorgeous man there with me. It's one of his favourite events and I can totally see why.

We started on Saturday morning with balboa bruch. (Well, we did show up briefly for the Friday social, but I was too tired at that point to take any photos.)

Balboa brunch was such a fabulous idea! And a great way of making space for more bal during a predominantly lindy event.

Claire was there doing people's hair <3, but I was too late to get an appointment. Next time!

Next up: Afternoon dancing on the Mound!

There was a man with a bubble machine quite close to where we were dancing, which made for some fun photos, but most of all some happy smiles from the dancers:

And I also took an unreasonable amount of photos of Liam:

But that's just because I love him, so you'll have to live with that.

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