more larking around in northern england, part III

We've left Manchester! Packed and cleaned and left. I won't lie, I'm relieved. Here's the last batch of lovely things that happened in the north - this time around.

Tipple Step, every other Sunday between 6 and 9, is always going to be one of my favourite things about Manchester. So friendly and warm and I like the venue, too. (Thinking about the first time I went there with Liam in January 2018 feels like a lifetime ago.)

I went to see some art at Whitworth Art Gallery, but most of the exhibitions were closed when I was there. :(

Liam and I went to a party where I was strictly forbidden to take photos of anyone other than me, Liam or dogs, so here are some photos of me, Liam or dogs:

And a rainbow cake! <3

Much as I wanted, I didn't find a lot of beauty in Manchester, but it's hard not to like the area around the canal.

One of our last nights there we drove to Liverpool to say farewell to Mersey Swing. I didn't take any photos of any dancing, but after he social we went to the pub (naturally):

It's been a lovely society to be part of. Teaching a balboa course, a lindy course and the occasional blues for them was great, even though I wish I could have come over more often. Also I'm quite proud to have introduced courses to Mersey Swing (as opposed to drop in classes which is all most dance societies in the UK have, to my surprise)!

And then we did the same thing in Manchester; hugged everyone goodbye and had food together before the last Tipple Step before we left.

Bye Manchester! It's been good, boring, challenging and fun.

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kinder scout via grindsbrook clough and jacob's ladder

I went back to the Peak District for one more day hike last week. I feel like I was sort of saying goodbye - I should have spent so much more time there, but I didn't get around to, and I'm disappointed with myself for it. But I got this day, at least, and it was a lovely day.

I started in Edale again, but walked in the other direction compared to last time. This time I decided on a 10 mile walk to Kinder Scout, up via Grindsbrook Clough and down via Jacob's Ladder.

The walk along Grindsbrook was lovely.

I got to involuntarily mud test my new boots. They passed the test beautifully (and after walking through the next stream, they looked like new again).

Some scrambling may be necessary, my route description said. Some scrambling may be necessary? You don't say! This photo doesn't quite show how steep that ascent was.

But I made it up there, and from there it was all flat moorland and amazing views.

The path on Kinder Scout passed plenty of these wondrous rock formations.

On my way down, I passed a medieval cross (Edale Cross). Such an English thing to just pass a medieval cross in the middle of nowhere. :)

And from Upper Booth it was all smooth walking back to the train station.


I absolutely recommend this walk. It took me just under six hours (but bear in mind that I'm in bad shape and also like to stop every ten minutes or so to take a photo, so you'd probably do it faster) and was a fabulous way to spend a day outside. It seems like the older I get the more I enjoy walking. Or is it just that the older I get, the more I realise that not everyone else loves walking, which makes it more noteworthy, like an identity thing about myself, that I'm someone who loves walking in nature? It doesn't really matter, of course. What does matter is that I need to get myself out on these day hikes more often than I have been. It feeds my soul.

Chanticleer | Cells Planets

at the chase

So how did I actually feel about Chase?

Same as I've felt about most dance events lately: Very mixed. To be honest I thought that something as big as the Chase would be harder than smaller events - less welcoming or more superficial maybe? But no, I had the same ups and downs I always do. I enjoyed some of the classes a lot, some less. I had a couple of fun social nights and a couple that sucked. I struggled a lot with getting enough sleep, since as we know, my body hates me (I had plenty of time to sleep in every morning! So naturally, I woke up at 8, unable to go back to sleep). Our airbnb was bad, and looked nothing like the pictures. But I loved hanging out with good friends! And the weather was summery and beautiful, and I adored the venue. So yeah - really mixed bag.

I took a some photos:

These are from the refreshingly short (with so many teachers it could have easily gone on for much to long, but didn't) and interesting teacher demo. Love all of Katie's dancing as usual. <3

Kongresshaus Stadthalle Heidelberg - one of the prettiest venues I've ever seen. It was great to have all socials (except the afterparties) and all our classes in the same venue, and it was lovely having all this space and beauty.

Manchester boys!

So this "scene t-shirt" thing is a huge thing in the UK - for every weekender, everyone who has one will wear their home scene t-shirt for the Friday social. I think it's a great idea and really cute. So we decided to just wear out pretty stripey Manchester t-shirt for the Friday social, since there were so many of us. And it is the classiest scene t-shirt I've ever seen, with embroidery instead of print and everything!

(The reason I look so crazy in this photo is because I'm actually crashing it - I just stepped in the room and saw them taking a picture and JUMPED into the picture. :))

On Saturday morning I was sleepless as usual and went out for a walk along the Philosopher's Walk.

I mean, it's not shit.

And I bumped into Mike and Alice, who had had the same idea!

I thoroughly enjoyed classes that day, especially Kris and Areski who were the ONLY teacher couple we had at this event where the follow teacher talked even remotely as much as the lead teacher. The other teacher couples we had, the follows was essentially a doll for the lead to dance with. I get so pissed.

These afternoon walks to and from the venue were just beautiful.

And on the Sunday after classes, Liam and I met up with Annette, who had just landed in Heidelberg after many days' travelling, but still wanted to see us. <3 She took us to a great meze place for dinner, and chatting with her was absolutely brilliant as always.

This <3

Billy Byers and His Orchestra | the Bean Stalks Again