I'm loving this may

More from the past week ... I take so many photos lately I can't keep up! (Which I'm very happy about of course.) So much fun is happening these days (including singing with David (I am lucky to have so many amazing musicians as friends), ice cream, a hail storm, a world music concert at school (that's Lina and Sofia playing Kung Harts) and a birthday party). I'm loving this May.

Bruce Hornsby | the Way It Is

sam is a doctor now!

I can't believe Sam is graduating ... He's a doctor now, it's crazy! And great, of course. The party was great, too.

Väsen | Börjar du fatta?


Fika at our teacher's place on one of the last days of the school year. (How gorgeous isn't her studio?)

Björk | There's More To Life Than This

may leftovers pt II

Sufjan Stevens | To Be Alone With You

may leftovers

Beth Orton | Conceived

skagen pt IV

Last photos from the trip to Skagen.

- - -

On another note: The boyfriend and I broke up a couple of days ago and I am currently staying at my parents'. We are still best friends though, and are thinking about continuing to live together - we do have five rooms after all, and will be at least three people living here (we have been three or four the whole time). I'm not going to discuss the matter more here, obviously, but I wanted to let you know what's going on.

DJ Shadow | Midnight in a Perfect World

have a guess

One assignment we had was to pick the color that we liked the most and/ or that felt most our own, and then just paint, a little bit now and then during the semester.

Which one is mine? First correct guess wins a surprise in the mail! I'll let you know in a week or so.

DJ Shadow | Stem/Long Stem

by the sea (skagen pt III)

It was pretty cool seeing the waves from two seas clash together like they do here. I wish the photo (the last one up here) would show it more clearly - it's like the waves are woven togheter, like braids. It was so good to be out there and just ... breathe it all in.