a weekend

First I took a walk in Trollhättan. Then I went to Karin's brilliant birthday party ...

... then I slept for a few hours (too few) and then I had breakfast with one of my favorite people in the world ...

... then I spent the day with my best friend, but I didn't take any photos, and then I went dancing; the swing band was great and the dancing completely amazing ...

... then I slept for a few hours (too few) and then I failed to go to church :), but at least I saw these beautiful leaves and I am so happy that everything's smelling like autumn now ...

... and then I met up with Gustaf to sing some Schubert lieder a prima vista for fun; I'm no good at sight-reading, but with a pianist like Gustaf, anything is possible ...

... and then I played some jazz, with Anna and Petter, who I adore. I am blessed to have them.

And now I am going to fall into bed and sleep sleep sleep. :)

Thomas Newman | Define Dancing

a walk in trollhättan

I had a lovely time.

Sigur Rós | Hoppípolla

a week

The weeks pass by so fast. I'm so happy.

Pat Metheny | Bright Size Life

two years with härlanda kammarkör

I've been editing about a hundred photos from these past two years with my favorite choir in the world, Härlanda Kammarkör, to put on facebook. And now that that's done I figure I might as well show you my favorites, even though some of you have seen them before.

Härlanda Kammarkör | I Himmelen av Karin Rehnqvist

the good life

It's getting off the train and walking up to school and being so thankful, it's crazy classmates practising day and night everywhere, it's the view from my balcony, it's the good life.

Ingrid Michaelson | Little Romance

& luminous

How do I descibe a weekend like this? The wedding of a most beloved friend. I was fortunate enough (I feel like I've been using that phrase a lot lately, have I? It's so appropriate though - I truly am a most fortunate person in so many ways) to spend the whole weekend in Växjö, getting to see Stina and Andreas both the night before and the hours before the wedding. That truly is something special ... Stina calm and smiling and luminous, Andreas giddy and excited and constantly giggling.

They had asked me to sing at the ceremony, which I of course was happy and honored to do (Lisa Ekdahl: Två Lyckliga Dårar). I think it went well, it felt good. And then the dinner and party and general happiness of it all (my favorite may have been the surprise transformation of the Wedding March from Lohengrin into Johnny Cash's I Walk the Line, magnificently sung by Kristian. Or it may have been the "Stina, you may now kiss your husband!"). The weekend also contained lots prayers, good talk and driving in the middle of the night listening to Billie the Vision & the Dancers. Plus I got to stay with the handsome young man in the photo above.

Billie the Vision & the Dancers | Damaging This Apartment

a marvellous week, yes

I come home from school on a Thursday or Friday and sit down to write a blog post. I start with "it's been another marvellous week!" and then I stop to think - but wait, only this morning I was crying, and on Tuesday I felt like the loneliest person in the world and I have no friends/ that I am the worst singer to ever have tried to sing jazz/ that everyone thinks I'm worthless and no one needs me here. So maybe I should write instead that it's been a difficult week? But wait - it really has been a marvellous week ... Also.

There is a lot more time in each day now, than it was all last year. So many feelings, so much to do, so much to work with, botht he music and the self esteem. And I am so very much in the right place in my life right now.

Billie the Vision & the Dancers | I'm On the Road

living in bohuslän ...

Kayaking and swimming on September 10th; living a fifteen minute walk from the sea - today has been more like a dream than an ordinary school Thursday (though that was just what it was).

Jeanette Lindström | I Saw You