perfect friday

Today I was at school for a couple of hours (which felt more like about fifteen minutes) playing with this brilliant guitarist I've met - there'll be a concert sometime or another, I'll let you know! Then I let Markus treat me to one of Maghogny's amazing pesto & mozarella focaccia.

And now I have the whole evening to myself. I think I'm going to put my feet in hot water, read the new Sköna Hem that arrived today, and watch at least two movies. (Too bad we finished Johan's homemade chocolat ice cream last night.)

Keith Jarrett | Köln Concert pt II

pancakes, ice cream

A long walk, three thrifted CD's, pancakes, ice cream and good friends.

Dionne Warwick | So Amazing

too good

Yesterday was a perfect day for lunch and a walk with Karin. We met at Stina's bachelorette party and wedding, and now she's my friend too! It's too good!

Isolation Years | Cover the Distance

more autumn

Random shots from last week.

This week I am home on autumn break (an amazing thing I haven't had for four years). I'm intending to spend time with friends and do a lot of nothing.

Peter Gabriel | Solsbury Hill

three saturday hours

You must be getting tired of all these walks, I know. It's just everything's so beautiful right now. I can't help myself.

Journey | Don't Stop Believin'

october leftovers

John Mayer | Into Your Atmosphere

more walks

The weather this week has been like a dream, and living fifteen minutes from the sea and five minutes from the woods we would be stupid not to take as many long walks as we could possibly fit in.

the Books | Smells Like Content

does it show?

I think it shows in my photos how much I love my life right now. Doesn't it? These are from this past week.

On another note, I'm still high on yesterday's brilliant Music Music Music concert at Nefertiti. And later (a lot later) I stopped by WCJ to get a few lindy hop dances, and I got the most fabulous birthday jam - thank you darlings! It's amazing how I can still feel so very much appreciated and missed, even though I'm not often there, now that I spend my weeks at Ljungskile. And that was just day one of my four-day birthday celebration. I'll see you when I have time to catch my breath! :)

Music Music Music | Tropical

sten sax påse

One of the ensembles at school asked me to take some photos for their myspace page; here are a few of my favorites.