liam's birthday party

Two weeks ago, Liam had a birthday party, and I took ALL the photos. Well, I didn't manage to capture everyone who was there, but I tried. :)

I had such a lovely time. I got to meet Liam's parents and two of his sisters (who I adored by the way) and so many of his friends. And I got to perform a whole bunch of songs with David Broad, which was just so much fun! And I got to dance and hang out with some of my favourite UK dance people as well. I got to enjoy my boyfriend's half embarrassed but 100% delighted face when we sang happy birthday. And I got to kiss him all evening. All in all, it was the perfect party.

Also, you know how people say that you don't really know what someone thinks about you, until you know what they say to other people about you when you're not there? Yeah. If I had doubted before, it would have been impossible to continue doubting Liam's love for me after this party ... People (so many of them!) thoroughly enjoyed coming up to me and telling me how much he talks about me, how happy he is these days; how he's changed since meeting me. Seeing how happy other people are for us, that we could find something so right, fills me with the deepest joy.

Later, I dozed on a couch in a corner - you know how that's a thing I do after performing, I can stay awake for a little while just because I'm having fun, but sooner or later, I crash. And when people left, they came up to me on the couch and leaned down to hug me and I felt so loved. And then Liam scooped me up and took me home.

Public Service Broadcasting | Go!

också i mars

Mars. Hjälp vad det snöade i mars. Jag tillhörde de som inte stördes av det. Våren kommer när den kommer.

En måndagkväll tillbringade jag hemma i Annas soffa

och på väg därifrån mycket senare sörjde jag att jag inte bor i stan, på promenadavstånd från allt, längre. En sådan här natt hade jag trivts med att promenera hela vägen hem. Ej ett alternativ om man bor i Utby.

En annan dag i mars hade jag min andra Anna hemma på besök

och så snöade det lite mer.

En helg i mars var jag inte bortrest! På lördagen var det dans, men jag ville mycket hellre sitta och prata med mina vänner (mest i köket där det bästa hänget på alla fester alltid är, känt sen gammalt) än både dansa och fota, så det blev bara de här två bilderna.

Och på söndagen hade jag Karin och Tove över på middag.

Och med middag menar jag pizza.

Det var så himla strålande trevligt att träffa dem!

Axwell /\ Ingrosso | Something New

buttery biscuit bass

Oh hello England! Let's start the weekend with a lindy class. Well, I had hurt my shoulder, so I didn't take the class. But just watching Liam teach is really fun.

I'm really glad tea is not a person, because if tea was a person Liam would be dating them instead of me.

Rehearsal time! I sang with the band at Liam's birthday party later that night, so we spent a few hours together in the afternoon and rehearsed twelve songs. Such an honour to sing with David & Russell!

And then, party! It was a brilliant party and I took loads and loads of photos, so that will have to be its own post later.

The day after the party we had the laziest Sunday in the history of ever. He made Eggs Benedict, which I love. Because OBVIOUSLY I'm not the one cooking in this relationship, as anyone who has ever met me will already know.

It's difficult to restrain myself from completely immersing myself in the mutuality of this, the togetherness. I'm full to bursting with smiles and bubbles, delighted and slightly embarrassed at how much time he apparently can spend gazing adoringly at me, across rooms full of people, and while I'm dancing in class, my dance partner says "you know, it's so lovely how Liam can't keep his eyes off you while you're dancing". I didn't know it was so obvious to other people, but the fact that there's no use in trying to hide something of this magnitude is the warmest feeling.

This love is happening, and I trust it. I'm not making it up. It's happening, and I'm in it, acutely aware of it in the moment, not reviewing it after it's passed, deciding something was love because I needed it to be, carefully putting pieces together to create a picture I imagined I wanted ... this is not that. It's happening, I'm living it, right now, savouring it. This is by far the most beautiful thing I've ever been part of. Who knew that this is what love would be like?

Swede Mason feat. Gregg Wallace & John Torode | Masterchef Synesthesia (Buttery Biscuit Bass)