the spoonful 2017 part II

Look, classes! I wasn't hired to shoot the classes, so I only took a couple of photos. And then I was just, you know, taking the classes. :)

Lunch break live music is the best.

Pizza for dinner! Delicious pizza.

I've been thinking about making a special archive with pictures of Johanna eating, or more specifically, pictures of Johanna looking enthusiastically at food. :)

This one was nice, too.

And then dancing:

The morning light at half past five in the morning after a night of wonderful dancing, is a very special kind of morning light.
Also: I knew I could get one more night's use out of my favorite pair of tights, and I had saved them for a special occasion; this was that special occasion.

Sam Amidon | Relief

the spoonful 2017 part I

I think I said what I wanted to say about the Spoonful in this post, so I won't say it again; I'll just show the photos. (If the photos don't show my love for this amazing dance, then I don't know what does.)

Thursday night was the warmup welcome dance. So good to see everyone again.

You killin' it here!

Scottish Storytelling with Gordon during the Friday lunch break - too good.

Also, getting to spend time with the amazingness that is Anna and Ryan. More of these people in my life please!

And then, dancing (all of my photos ended up in a photo album on facebook - these are just a few of my personal favorites, because this is my personal blog, so I can do that. :)):

Oh, and Blues for Humanity. :)

I think this is the most accurate round of Cards for Humanity I have ever seen. :)

Also, this. :)

Duke Ellington | Echoes of Harlem