trevliga trions vårfest

I lördags hade vi vår traditionsenliga vårfest med Trevliga Trion - som blev sommarfest, eftersom det ju varit alldeles tokigt varmt på senare. Jag har inte så många ord att säga om det utom att maten var strålande god och drinkarna likaså, och sällskapet var, i vanlig ordning, det allra bästa. Men bilder har jag desto fler. Här är de!

Ja. Jag vet, jag vet hur lyckligt lottad jag är som får ha detta. All världens rikedom: En lördagkväll utan bekymmer, en trädgård att ha middag i, att få älska såhär, att få höra hemma såhär.

Marcin Wasilweski Trio & Joakim Milder | Do Rycerzy, do Szlachty, do Mieszczan

hullzapoppin' 2018 part II

Sunday morning at Hullzapoppin', and brunch at the docks. And by morning, I mean 2 in the afternoon. :)

And then we went for a walk.

And did some balboa dancing on the pier, just because we can. After that, we went home for a nap, because if I don't, I don't survive dance weekenders like this one (and I'll never say "because I'm getting old" - I've been tired in the evenings for as long as I can remember).

Pub crawl time!

It was a very tiny pub crawl; we were late (we're always late) and only made it to the last two pubs on the list - who cares, it was my first ever pub crawl, so I'm going to count it anyway. :) (Should never have told Liam I've never really done pub crawls before. I have a feeling I will be very drunk at several different pubs somewhere in England very soon because of this.) Isn't this pub cute, by the way? I'm liking British pubs a lot.

And then, dancing!

Around midnight we walked to the after party

and danced to soul music for a few more hours. I was delighted; this is where I started, as a young teenager at music festivals around Sweden, dancing to soul music all night, and after turning 18, going to soul clubs. And then, singing in the soul band at uni - while majoring in classical singing, mind you - slowly making the music mine in my voice and not just in my body. And now - this strange feeling of how did I get here - a dance floor somewhere in the UK, at the last night of a lindy festival; the same songs, the same me, but even happier.

Cat <3

All in all, it was a lovely party to end a fantastic weekend, and I'm so glad I was there.

Nina Simone | To Love Somebody

hullzapoppin' 2018 part I

Liam and I went to Hullzapoppin' last week and I had such a lovely time! Everything - everyone - was was just so ... nice! People I had been introduced to once came up to me and said hi and remembered my name and asked how I was doing. And I had so many wonderful dances! And I don't even have to struggle to find someone to dance with, people come up to me and want to dance! That doesn't happen at home. The UK dance scene seems incredibly open and warm and welcoming. (But yes. I'm also aware of the privilege that comes with arriving with someone as well known and well liked as Liam. The effect he has on a room rubs off on me too.)

But let's start from the beginning! I didn't take any photos on Friday, but on Saturday after a long lazy morning we went for a walk.

We walked around between the gorgeous class venues (same as the evening venues), chatting with people and loitering in general.

Watched Katie's and Fred's class for a little while. It seemed like a lot of fun! (We are lazy bums with social passes, so no classes for us.)

Met some friends outside and found non-red telephone boxes! Apparently Hull is the only place in England that has their own telephone company ... or something like that.

Did some more walking and hanging around. Just look at this place! So lovely.

Then we got maracas ice cream.

In the evening we had dinner with Raphael, because he's a babe.

The food was good.

And we were ridiculously in love and all that jazz. :)

And then I had a long, lovely dance night; I only took these photos, ot the performances, and the rest of it was just dancing and music and more dancing. :)