november leftovers

So few photos taken in November, due to swine flu and general business. I hope I'll take more in December. I'm so looking forward to this new month. It's going to be CRAZY busy, but Christmas is so magical to me that it's worth it. But today I've had a bad day so I'm going to spend the last hours of November with ice cream and a movie. Good night!

Anders Widmark | Bereden väg för Herran

to the train

Walking from school to the trains takes eight minutes or so; this is what it looks like. It's so weird how everyone have been complaining about how dull and rainy November has been. I seem to be noticing only sunshine these days.

Music Music Music | Tropical

friday night

A Friday night: dinner at Grill del Mundo (the food is great and the place is just ... I want to move in, or at least redecorate just like it) with my best friend. Now we're putting up the advent candelabras in all our windows and just generally enjoying being at home together. This is my last weekend with any time off before Christmas so I intend to enjoy it :)

Lars Danielsson | Pegasus


I'm back! My voice isn't, but at least I'm alive and well. Here's this week's worth of folkhögskola & jazz. Though this week it looks like all we do is eating?

John Mayer | Into Your Atmosphere

get that vaccine

Hello friends!
Just wanted to stop by and tell you the reason for my lack of posts as of late: swine flu. So if you are waiting for a call, letter or e-mail from me ... please don't, at least not right now, because most of the time I feel, well, kind of horrible. The fever just won't go down (except for a few hours at a time thanks to ipren, what a life saver). I'm supposed to be well again in about a week, so I'll see you then. Take care.

(Oh, and get that vaccine. Not kidding. I'd take the side effects ANY DAY instead of four days (and counting) with 39,5.)