paul + marianne = sant

Last Saturday, Paul and Marianne got married by the lake next to their house, and it was a beautiful day!

This is one of my favourite photos from the day, and I didn't even take it myself (I gave Liam my camera, and I feel that I've trained him well!) :) Marianne was crying already when they walked down the stairs from their house to the lake, and both her and Paul looked absolutely beautiful. I had to really, really focus to keep my voice steady when I was singing, but I managed!

Then all the other "weddingy bits" (as I think it said in the program) happened:

And then Mattias and I performed Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours which was so much fun!

There were SCONES!

Liam was not displeased with this.

Lovely people!

After hugs and scones and mingling and all that, Paul and Marianne and Ella and I disappereared into the woods (quite literally) to take portraits. I love these photos so much that they deserve a post of their own; I hope to have that up in a few days.

The venue for the evening shenanigans was Rotundan in Hindås. I'd never been there before, but it was brilliant.

And just look what they did with the place! (With the help of some twenty friends or so.)

Marianne and Paul arrived in a tractor. :)

I was sat at the best table - obvs!

There were plenty of games outside, which Paul and his parents had built (!), and while we were away taking portraits all the other guests had a proper competition. In the evening, in the breaks between courses, people were still having a go.

I gave a try; I enjoy it despite being the worst at these things.

Duncan had a different strategy. :)
(Though honestly I think he was just checking if it was actually physically possible to fit the frisbee in that gap ...)

I got to share the day with the love of my life. It's the best.

Turns out that Lloyd and Liam drew in the competition from earlier in the afternoon, and had to be called up on stage to do an extra game to see who would win the whole thing.

Lloyd won. :) People then started yelling "speech! Speech!" to Lloyd, and Liam was then instantly relieved that he didn't win. :)

And then we danced!

All the hugs and love to Paul and Marianne. It was so great to be a part of your day. <3

Stevie Wonder | Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours

leeds swing exchange 2019

A few weeks ago, Liam and I went over to the UK to go to Leeds Swing Exchange.

We were hosted by our friend Vincent, who was the most perfect host you can imagine. <3

Saturday picnic in the park, with frisbees, food and all that jazz

and cool ruins to check out!

Allmighty organiser Helen!

Vincent made yummy dinner for us and Rafi. (Again, the best host.)

Dancing happened:

Vytas enjoying the excellent music from Jim Wynn Swing Orchestra.


Outside of what you see in the photos (all lovely things!), it was an odd weekend for me. My dancing is definitely in a slump (as I've mentioned before) and obviosly that puts a damper on being at a dance weekender ... On top of that Liam and I had to change some plans - things I had been looking forward to a lot had to be cancelled due to some factors outside of my control. It's one of those situations where you have to accept it and move on ... and I guess I will, but it certainly coloured my weekend, despite the weekend being otherwise great.