maybe you can tell

It was a good, good weekend.

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more experimenting

More experimenting :)

Johan and I are off to Torsö for the weekend (and since people are still asking, no, we are not back together. I do adore him though!). See you on Sunday!

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The summer photography class I'm taking is on its second week and I'm having a lot of fun. Learning stuff really is my favorite thing in the world (tie with music, Göteborg and ice cream). It's like I had all these fragments of camera knowledge ("uhmmm ... aperture, that sounds familiar!") that were swimming around somewhere in my brain, and now I manage to catch them and sort them into the right places. With help from all the experimenting!

My friend Camilla just started Möjlighetsdagen. You should all check it out, it's goodness! (In Swedish.)

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rome pt VI: last photos

On our last night in Italy we had a concert at a choir festival in a church in Civitavecchia. It was lovely. And they had this amazing machine that made something that was almost like ice cream, but wasn't - some kind of frozen yogurt, with mint (that's what people are eating/ drinking in the pictures). Too good! :) I took the photo of the church while we were rehearsing; isn't the decor interesting? I never understood why they had Japanese written on the walls.

Believe it or not, these are the last of the Rome photos (you thought they would never end, right?). It was such a brilliant trip, I already miss it, and I miss the choir people, too. I think we'll have to have a choir party soon.


I've been in Hultsfred for a couple of days, working at Popkollo (teaching girls to play - pretty cool if you ask me) and spending some much valued time with Ella. And just being there made me quite nostalgic (in the good, happy, "my life is so very rich" way) even though it wasn't even during the festival ... so I think you can expect a Hultsfred in retrospect themed blog post sometime soon. :)

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rome pt. X: to the sea

And then we went to the sea.

rome pt. IX: walking on my own

On Wednesday morning I took a little walk by myself - well needed, after three very intensive days of socializing; not that I didn't like to spend time with people, but I also needed to spend a little time alone.

midsummer's eve

I was double-booked on Midsummer's Eve and split the night in two; I spent the afternoon and erarly evening with Kristoffer, Andrea, Katrin and Dorinda, and then went to Magdalena's place to spend the late night with lindy hop friends. Fabulous!

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