blues in the hudd 2018 part II

Blues in the Hudd part II! (Here's part I.) Time for the Saturday evening photos! David Broad played and was brilliant as usual, and here's some dancing:

There was a competition too, a switch & match where each competitor both leads and follows - it's great. I made finals (yay!) and Michael borrowed my baby for the finals. Here's what I looked like:

I had loads of fun both in the prelims and finals and ended up placing 2nd! So happy. Also, placing 2nd after Isabelle is an honour in itself.

Liam came third, as you can see. I was quite proud of him too. :)

And then, performance time!

Leigh & Dáire did a routine with the intermediate class

and Ruth & Mike did a sassy, elegant showcase. Loved it!

I also loved the delicious spreads for the midnight toast, and I wasn't the only one ... :)

When it was time for the survivors' photo by the end of the night, I had a sudden idea as there were fairy lights all around the room, and told the dancers: okay, I'm gonna drape you in fairy lights! And as you can see it's the most fabulous survivors' photo in the history of ever. Sometimes when I get ideas, they're good. Just sayin'.

blues in the hudd 2018 part I

Blues in the Hudd! My second time at my friend Rosie's event in Yorkshire. Just like last year, it was a lovely event full of good friends.

And just like last year, I was hired as the official photographer. I think this is some of my best dance event work so far (yay learning stuff!!!), and I'm really proud of the amount of great photos I got this weekend. Here's the first batch of my favourites (there's a lot more on my facebook page than what I show on the blog):


Trevor was being Trevor. :)

And Sonia, Steph and Mike were being silly beautiful people as always.

On the Saturday, I needed a walk. These dance events are a lot, you know, and sometimes I need a bit of space. Milnsbridge, where the daytime venue was located, turned out to be really pretty.

And then, Saturday classes:

Another thing that's very different to last year: Before I went to Blues in the Hudd last year I didn't even know that this man existed, and now I intend to share the rest of my life with him. :)