It's been a truly good vacation, one of those that lets you rest and have fun and find missing pieces of yourself. (Plus I didn't get hurt at all - not even a sprained thumb.) We had the loveliest weather and the best of times, and it's a little difficult to adjust to being home again with everything back to normal tomorrow.

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this past week

Haven't been taking a lot of photos lately, but here are a few from this past week.

We're off to go skiing for a week. I am so looking forward to it! And getting a little scared, too. Last year I survived with only a sprained thumb (please don't ask how I managed to do that ... One doesn't think that a thumb is the most natural thing to fall on when you fall, but I managed to do it). Let's hope I won't break any legs this year either! :)

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no more wasting time

Hello friends!
I'm cutting down on computer use during Lent (since Lent is the time for taking away things that are bad for you), so as you may have noticed I haven't been posting myuch. I've been checking some blogs today for the first time in more than a week, and I decided to only read the important ones (= belonging to my real friends). That was fun, I think I will stick to blog reading about once a week.

Facebook, flickr, mindless surfing and all the blogs that only make me feel bad because I'm not living the seemingly perfect life they show (I didn't know before how many of the blogs I read are actually like that!), are strictly forbidden. I check my e-mail about once a day though, if you want to reach me. (Or write a letter!)

Time is so valuable. Why have I been wasting it in front of the computer for so long?

even thinking about it ...! :) (london pt. 2)

Here are the rest of the London photos. Despite the, ahem, unforeseen ending to our trip, I so look forward to going again. I was like "darling, how about you get a job here for six months or so, so we can stay?". Now that means A LOT coming from me! Even thinking about living someplace else than Göteborg ...! :)

spending the day

This is a boring day (as was yesterday and the day before that). My stomach refuses to recover from whatever I did to it by eating something weird in London - I'm feeling sort of okay, but as soon as I think of food or eating, I start feeling sick again. So basically I'm not eating, and ... I'm feeling strange. So I'm spending the day on the couch, catching up on papers and magazines I subscribe to, but haven't had the time to read lately. They complete each other rather well, don't you think? I've also been watching a couple of bad, but funny, movies (with the monster for company of course) and spent too much time worrying about my uncertain future. Sigh.

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a hundred small towns (london pt. 1)

What can I say? I really liked London. It was like a small town ... or more like a hundred small towns next to each other. We compared it a lot to New York, of course - how could we not, when that was our most recent trip to a "big city". I was scared that London would be more like New York, but to my relief, it was nothing like it. To begin with, people were nice in London, people didn't scream at each other everywhere they went, and no one seemed stressed out. It was just plain lovely.

We took walks and went to museums (Tate Modern and the National Gallery) and took some more walks. And went to a brilliant church service in St Martin-in-the-Fields (we were just walking by on Sunday morning and the bells called us in). And went to see Chicago (which was so great! Even though I had to run out during the show and throw up. That was weird. I must have eaten something bad ... Luckily that was our last day there and the next day I just had to concentrate on getting to the airport without being sick again :)).

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friday + spring

Friday was such a beautiful day, the first day of spring in Göteborg, I am convinced. I was walking down the hill to the tram stop and met Sam who was on his way back up; "Here comes the sun!" he yelled as a greeting, and he meant me. Later in the evening I met Sebastian to write a couple of new songs.

- - -

Johan and I have been on a little vacation in London over the past couple of days. We decided about a month ago that we needed a little February something to look forward to. I'll post some pictures later!