blessed weekend

It's been a perfectly busy and calm weekend. Lindy hop (the people who looks the least like they are dancing lindy hop (waving, lifting legs etc.) are doing the Tranky Doo (a routine from the 40's. It is insanely good, I have to learn it!), concert, fika with friends and time to relax at home. Truly blessed.

Jens Lekman | If I Could Cry (It Would Feel Like This)

plus it looks even more real in real life!

I've made this! It makes me happyhappy.

Owen | Nobody's Nothing

louisiana pt II

Also: Louisiana pt I

louisiana pt I

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. What can I say? I love the place. (And I love daytrips, and spending time with friends, and the smell of spring weather, and the sea.)

(The paintings showed are two of my most favorite paintings in the whole world, A Closer Grand Canyon by David Hockney and ... those squares that I keep forgetting the name of, they're called something like "squares and a screwdriver". Or something. Because there is some kind of tool on there too (to the right). It's Jim Dine anyways. Love it.)

Imogen Heap | Goodnight and Go

alone in helsingborg

I spent the whole afternoon in Helsingborg yesterday, waiting for my train back home. And to my surprise, I liked the city a lot. (Not that I've disliked it before - I've just never thought anything about it.)

Imogen Heap | Closing In

it's an amazing thing

I've been on a short trip to Skåne to visit Robin and apply for a school (that wast the last of the three schools I'm applying to. Puh!). It was spring in Malmö, and goodgoodgood to spend time with Robin.

This winter (and the autumn before it) I've been isolated; I haven't called people, I haven't seen people, I've been lousy at answering letters even though I've been wanting to ... all of this has been against my will, I've been somehow overpowered by winter ... But it's an amazing thing, waking up from hibernation now (a little bit tired but brand new), wanting to do things again. And more than anything else, see all my friends again. Hello friends!

Dave Matthews Band | Crash Into Me

out walking

"Men gå som Dressmann!!!"

(I love my friends)

Air | Alone in Kyoto

by the sea

Nothing like a couple of days by the sea. I can't think of a better way to spend the Easter weekend. (The photo of me is taken by Johan, of course.)

Zoetrope | Boards of Canada