the spoonful 2018 part II

More from the Spoonful (first bits here and here)! I'm so happy with my dance photography these days, it is a joy to show you. Here are some from the classes:

And then some more social dancing, on Friday and Saturday:

And that's it for this year's Spoonful. A few months ago I felt like I had had a bit too many dance events lately ... but now that I've rested so much over summer, combined with the lovely experience that Spoonful always is, I can't wait for autumn to start with all the adventures I have planned. :)

Joe Williams | Get Out Of My Life Woman

the spoonful 2018 part I

So, Spoonful photos! (I wrote about all my feelings here already.) Here's part one of my personal favourites; let's start with the solo blues finals:

Teacher demo:

And some social dancing from Thursday and Friday evening:

More tomorrow!