it's a musical!

Concerts where I'm on the guest list is almost always a good idea. If it's good music, even better. Good music played by friends of mine is simply the best. It's a Musical played in town last night and it was so fabulous, both to see the concert and to get to sit down in a couch and just talk and talk and talk to Ella afterward. She does live in Berlin after all, so we don't get to see each other so often, but when we do, it's always brilliant.

It's a Musical | the Music Makes Me Sick

true colors

This week has looked a lot like the photo on top. Dull and grey and not a lot of fun. But today I started printing with the pattern I've worked with for a little while and suddenly there was a lot more color in my life (on my hands and clothes, too). And it turned out JUST like I wanted! How often does that happen? (It goes perfectly well with my decision to be proud of everything that I do if I have done my best!) Screen printing = new passion.

Ane Brun | True Colors (if anyone has missed out on this, please, please go see it immediately. It makes me happy happy.)

outtakes week 8

Leftovers from this past week.

Esbjörn Svensson Trio | Pavane (Thoughts of a Septuagenarian)

take me down to duke's place

Going to a dance like this is a little like coming home. I know so many people, and they know me. I don't have to work, anymore, to find people to dance with. :) It was a lot of fun to photograph yesterday, too! The dancers are Magnus, Ingrid, another Ingrid, Anton, Emma and Jens.

Red House Painters | Moments

ordinary friday

An ordinary Friday at shool:
+ Somewhere deep in the darkness in that oven is my vase ... I'm hoping it's going to be blue when the oven's done on Monday, but you never know with glaze.
+ Those mugs are my favorite things around here - there are tons of things like that, that students before me left here, things they forgot or didn't like. I love them, with the runny glaze and all, and I wish I could make something like them someday.
+ Mimmi's angel. Some people can just whip out whatever they like from a piece of clay. How do they do it?
+ That's my friend Karl. He started here surprisingly a few weeks after the rest of us, and thank God he did so. He is great! Nice, adorable and very art deco.

Later in the evening, Bersa and David and I went to a beautiful concert with Anúna in Annedalskyrkan. So very inspiring and for me, in some ways, sad (which didn't make it less beautiful). Then we sat talking at a café until late. A good day.

Anúna | Jerusalem

to not see how lucky I am

I was a little sad, having heard (all right ... seen ... on facebook) that some old friends of mine are having a party and I'm not invited (not that I'm uninvited I'm sure - I'm just not thought of, and I'm not sure what is worse). So I was a little sad, feeling, well, the usual: I have no friends, I am boring, I stay at home too much, I have no life, etc. (Weird how some thoughts grow so very fast, isn't it?)

And then I started thinking ... And I realised that SO many people around the world would kill to have what I have, right now. (An apartment, an education, freedom of speech, food in my belly etc - yes, that too, but it wasn't what I was thinking about primarily.)

I have a boyfriend who loves me so much I can't even try to grasp it. I have the whole evening to spend with him, in our home. I have orange and red and hot pink candles lit, I have a pint of Ben & Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk to share with aforementioned boyfriend (although I eat most of it), and a game of Trivial Pursuit. I am home.

I would be immensely stupid to not see how lucky I am.

Kraja, Jonas Knutsson och Johan Norberg | Den signade dag

text & typography

Typography is one of the things I wish I knew more about - a lot more. I've been interested for ages but haven't really dug deep. Fortunately I am not dead yet and there is still time to learn. There are so many things I want to learn! When happiness returned, so did my curiosity. It is one of my best friends.

+ A most adorable jazz concert with Anders Persson Trio and Musicmusicmusic on Monday. Both trios were terribly cute and fun and played beautiful melodies.
+ I thought ceramics really wouldn't be my thing - and I don't think I've "gotten it" yet - but it's great meditation. I'm allowing myself to do it slowly.
+ I had a bad headache yesterday and had to stay home from choir. I was a little down for a moment but decided that I was not going to see it as a failure. It worked!
+ Life is good!

Brad Mehldau Trio | She's Leaving Home

new york pt V

Last of the New York photos. It was a weird trip. I'll go back someday.

Eels | Fresh Feeling

vacation in örebro pt II

I can't believe I had forgotten how much fun it is to be out and play in the snow! We don't get a lot of it in Göteborg anyways, but in Örebro they had tons. So out we went, careering down the hill in "trains" of eight or nine people on large garbage bags. My body is still aching from all the bumping. So totally worth it though.

It was great to get to spend some time with both Linda and her boyfriend fiancé (OMG! Wedding coming up!) Emil, too. They really are the sweetest.

Aaron Copland | Appalachian Spring