uk roadtrip part 2: ilkley moor

On our second day in Leeds, Rafi and Liam and I went for a walk on Ilkley Moor. Here's where we parked, on the road outside the Cow & Calf.

It was such a great day for walking. Sunny and beautiful but not too warm, and fabulous views in every direction. (And the fact that even Liam came out walking says a lot about the vacation-y mood he was in!) Here's the photo dump:

Look, I'm in a photo!

And there were sheepses, big and small.

We brought lunch wraps from home and had them by a little brook.

This was a border of some sort - maybe a parish border?

We missed a turn (we think?) towards the end or our walk, so it got a tiny bit longer then we thought, but not longer than we could handle. We were out walking for four and a half hours which felt like such a treat - you know how much I love walking and beautiful scenery and good company, and I got all three this daytrip.

Afterwards we had definitely deserved a drink in the garden at the Cow & Calf.

These gorgeous boys though!

In the evening after dinner (Rafi cooked for us with headphones on while Liam napped and I wrote in my journal - we were all pretty peopled out and tired from being out in the sun, so we agreed on some alone time) we played Taluva, which is a fun board game I'd only played online before. And then we all crashed into bed after a delightful day.

Johann Sebastian Bach | Cello Suite no. 4 in E-flat major: Bourrée II

uk roadtrip part 1: leeds

UK roadtrip, part 01!

Liam and I picked up our hire car in Manchester and drove straight to Leeds. Raphael cooked us a fabulous dinner, of course ...

... and thenhe made equally fabulous vegan pancakes the morning after.

I went with passionfruit curd and blueberries for mine, very pleased with that choice.

After breakfast we went into Leeds for a stroll (and a taxi boat ride!). It was such a delight to be in Rafi's company again, he truly is the babest of babes. Some of the things we saw:

We had lunch at Kirkgate Market.


And then we did an escape room! Loved it. It was a Willy Wonka themed mystery, and so so fun. It's great to see how differently we take on the different puzzles, and the whole experience of it - Liam running ahead and touching and fiddling with things, Rafi just behind him putting all the clues together, and me at the back very slowly, intently looking at everything, things the others might have missed. We make a very good team ... whatever our signs in this photo might suggest. :)

After we went to a cosy board game café, Chance & Counters (how great is that name for a board game café?) for an afternoon fika.

There were so many board games! I wish we could have stayed longer.

I had an Aero Chocolate milkshake, might not have been the smartest choice just before dinner, but I have no regrets.

Speaking of dinner, time to meet up with our friends Vincent & Hannah, and Rafi's lovely girlfriend Hannah, at House of Fu. Here are some beautiful faces belonging to awesome people:

Oh and my beautiful ramen, of course. Gosh I love ramen.

I love how it's possible to have friends that you don't really get to see very often (like once a year, in this case), but with whom it's still always a treat to spend time.

After dinner we strolled together through Leeds and as soon as we came back to Rafi's, fell asleep almost immediately. It was a full and rich day, and the perfect way to start off this vacation!

the 1975 | Looking For Somebody (to Love)