summer 2018

It's time for the yearly summer summary! Slightly later than normal - I've been very busy this September, but I'm beginning to feel slightly less behind with everything. Previous summers: 2017, 2016, 2014.

Where have you been this summer?











Where did you live?

In Chester, with Liam.

What did you eat?

Chips and gravy! No, I'm joking. I would never eat such a thing. But is has become something of a joke how everything in the North is served with chips and gravy. Basically, if in Sweden you would get a side salad, you get chips and gravy. Instead. It is the weirdest thing.

What did you drink?

Lime cordial, Elderflower Sour, and Clover Club.

What did you read?
Barely read at all. I feel like it's been too many years in a row that I've written that in my summer summary!

What did you watch?
The IT Crowd, and a bunch of films

What did you see?

I saw the hills of the Peak District, and gasped.

What did you work with?

Loads of photography - two weddings and three big dance events. And I had two gigs with the Sky is Crying and I got to work a tiny bit as a choir teacher at the Spoonful! Perfect amount of work for this summer.

What did you long for?
First bit of June, I longed for peace and quiet and no more travelling. Then came a period of a few weeks where I longed for both sleep - physically - and rest - emotionally. I wrote about that here. And then, somewhere mid-July, things fell into place and I was exactly where I wanted to be.

Which was the best swim of the summer?

Again, a walk up to Bergsjön with friends won this award. The water was so perfectly warm, the evening so still, I wanted to stay in forever.

Which was the best concert of the summer?
Didn't go to a single concert! There was live music at the dance events I went to, of course, but to be completely honest, none of the bands truly stood out this year.

Which were the songs of this summer?
Billy Joel: Summer, Highland Falls
Olivia Chaney: the Dark Eyed Sailor
Labi Siffre: Bless the Telephone
Merit Hemmingson: Ack Göta konungarike

What have you thought about?

Love languages. My passion for my work, and ways I can continue to doing what I love without living full time in Gothenburg. How to grow as a dancer and get myself off of this plateau I've been on lately.

What do you want to do again next summer?
I want to spend as much time as possible with Liam, just like this year. Without a doubt, it was worth all the fatigue from spending so much time in a foreign country. And next year, who knows which country we'll be in? :)

What would you have wanted to do more of?
I'm sad that I didn't go hiking. I'm sure that decision was the best for me this summer (it was just too full!), and I don't regret it. But it's still allowed to feel sad about a decision you don't regret.

Have you kissed anyone this summer?

I've been so incredibly kissed. I've been so incredibly well taken care of, loved, and made feel like the most important person in the world. Which I am. Isn't it crazy how that happens?

Do you look forward to autumn?

Always. This one maybe more than ever. I look forward to everything more than ever. Life's never been this exciting before.

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