edinburgh lindy exchange 2018 part I

Oh hello Edinburgh! Two weeks ago I spent a fabulous weekend in this beautiful city, for Edinburgh Lindy Exchange. We went straight from Balboa Castle Camp, and when we booked it I felt like it was probably a stupid idea. Turns out it was a magical idea, I'm so happy I went.

I had this gorgeous man there with me. It's one of his favourite events and I can totally see why.

We started on Saturday morning with balboa bruch. (Well, we did show up briefly for the Friday social, but I was too tired at that point to take any photos.)

Balboa brunch was such a fabulous idea! And a great way of making space for more bal during a predominantly lindy event.

Claire was there doing people's hair <3, but I was too late to get an appointment. Next time!

Next up: Afternoon dancing on the Mound!

There was a man with a bubble machine quite close to where we were dancing, which made for some fun photos, but most of all some happy smiles from the dancers:

And I also took an unreasonable amount of photos of Liam:

But that's just because I love him, so you'll have to live with that.

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