dig deeper part I: friday + saturday

This year, the Blues Gardeners wanted to create something different. We wanted to fill a weekend will all kinds of classes and happenings that you don't normally get at a dance weekender - or that you might get one or two of, but not sixteen. A dance event for the true blues nerds, if you will, the curious people who just can't get enough of the blues. We had blues history lessons, teacher training, DJ workshops, music lectures, feedback sessions, discussions and much more ...

And I think we did it. I think we created something new. I am so proud.

I played with the Sky is Crying on the Friday night, so that took most of my energy and focus for that evening, and I didn't take any photos at all. But Michael (<3) took these:

I had a complete blast on stage. I feel both confident that I have earned this place on stage and deserve it, and humble and grateful to be where I am today as a singer. I have so much more to learn, and so much knowledge and feeling already in me. And I am so honoured to have the fantastic musicians that I have.

Here's one of our Saturday classes: What is blues? with Dan Repsch.

This cosy atmosphere during lectures was exactly what I had hoped for!

One of Vicci's classes, Values of African American social dances. I'm quite sure this is when she talks about her own feelings about blues dancing. Needless to say, I share them.

Event organising with Mattias

Choreo battle training with Dan

All the evening fika

Helene working on the collaborative painting.

This is becoming something of a recurring event. :)

Liam was there. Of course, Liam was there. His support is like nothing else; I don't doubt for a second that he puts my happiness and comfort over his own (the same way I do with him). In stressful times like these - organising an event and performing with my band at the same time - it's magical to have someone who always seems to know exactly what I need, physically or emotionally, before I even know it myself; and makes sure I have it long before I've even gathered energy to move.

I also taught a class on Saturday - an hour of choir singing, where we sang neighbours of the blues (since blues music mostly didn't have harmonies as far as I know, but singing with harmonies is the most fun :)). I was delighted that so many chose my class, and even more so that my class seemed to make people so happy. This (photo by Joel Höglund) is from when we performed the songs on Saturday night. I was so proud my heart burst a little.

And then, dancing!

Leigh was one of our fabulous DJ:s.

I'll just leave this here. :)

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