edinburgh lindy exchange 2018 part II

After dancing on the Mound, these two delightful gentlemen and myself went for a fika. I love having this kind of quality time with good friends during dance events. Specially since Liam and I are Rafi's biggest fans, and it's impossible for me to write a blog post with him in it without pointing out what a BABE he is.

Our search for fika soon became a search for crêpes, and the search for crêpes led us to finding a chocolate café (!). And I ended up ordering this. A chocolate pizza. Because how could I not?

Then Liam and I walked back to our host for a nap. This is his "surely you're done taking photos soon? I guess not. Cool. I'll put up with it, but only because I love you" face.

Hello autumn, you're my favourite!

Dinner time! Tapas for 14 people please.

Look at all the lovely people I got to hang out with!

The Hub, which was the evening venue, was beautiful.

Dancing happened:

Some of it, the slightly less serious kind of dancing. :)

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