I made wall calendars!

This year, I've noticed that many people want to buy Christmas gifts from independent artists. That's really cool! I've also had a few people ask me if there is a way they can put my photography on their walls, or gift it to loved ones. So after humming and hawing a bit, I'm pleased to announce: Yes, there is! I've made wall calendars!

There are three different themes: MOUNTAINS and TRAVELS and SEASONS*. They are a just a smidge smaller than A4, printed on Canon Matte Photo Paper 170g/m2 (which is matte enough to write on if you want, and the saturation is beautiful). Comes with or without a hole punched near the top (I hang mine with a bulldog clip (not included) because I like the look, but I know some people prefer to hang it on a nail/ hook). The photos are my absolute favourites and I think you'll like them!

Price is 200 SEK + shipping. Can be paid with Swish, Paypal or Swedish bank transfer. If you want one, send me an email: kristin.ladstrom@gmail.com.

*Indecisive friends will be happy now: Yes, you can also choose the theme RANDOM which includes a mix of photos from all three themes. :)

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