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So. Travel photography is a thing. Dance photography is a thing. And traveling for dance is definitely a thing (albeit not one that many people outside of dance communities know about. The short version of what traveling for dance is: When you reach the point where you crave more social dance, live music and/ or instruction than your home town can offer, you inevitably need to start traveling to get more of your drug I mean hobby). Blogging about photography, travel, or dance is also a thing ... (Yes, yes, I know blogs are a dying medium. But people have been saying so for years and somehow I still see people blogging. So I'm going to stick to it for a little while longer. Because I like my blog.)

So I really feel that Dance Travel Photography Blogging should be a thing!

I can see that this is an incredibly small niche: you have to be interested in dance and travel and photography and blogging. My dance travel blog posts contain loads of photos of dancing - which I assume would be boring if you are not a dancer - and also loads of walking and sightseeing - which might get in the way if you're only here for the dance photos.

I, though, love the mix. I really do. My dance travel posts are my favorite blog posts (even though they certainly take the most time to make). The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, you know?

I thought I was alone feeling that the mix is the best. Recently though, I have recieved indications that people other than Anna's aunt, my vocal coach and my ex boyfriend's mother are reading this blog (although these three people will probably remain my greatest fan club :)). And I have also heard that people really like it when I blog about my dance travels. Which is why I decided to create an archive. In this archive, you'll find links to all the blog posts about all the weekend blues dance events I've ever been to. Just in case you have some time off over Easter and don't know what to do with that time: jump right in! :)

the Blues Experiment 2018 (Outer Banks, North Carolina)
the Blues Experiment part I
the Blues Experiment part II
the Blues Experiment part III: Campfire Night
the Blues Experiment part IV: Balboa & beach
the Blues Experiment part V
the Blues Experiment part VI: the Friday party
the Blues Experiment part VII: Friday dancing

Hygge Blues 2018 (Copenhagen)
Friday at Hygge Blues
Saturday at Hygge Blues
Sunday at Hygge Blues

Double Shot of Blues and Fusion 2018 (Valencia)
Double Shot of Blues and Fusion

Crash! 2018 (Delft)
Crash! part I
Crash! part II
Sunshine and dating in Delft

Blues Baby Blues 2017 (London)
Blues Baby Blues

Blues in the Hudd 2017 (Huddersfield)
Blues in the Hudd part I
Blues in the Hudd part II

Berlin Blues Explosion 2017 (Berlin)
Berlin Blues Explosion 2017: friday
Berlin Blues Explosion 2017: saturday
Berlin Blues Explosion 2017: sunday

Copenhagen Fusion Festival 2017 (Copenhagen)
Gentle Sorrows i Köpenhamn

Bear Blues Exchange 2017 (Berlin)
Bear Blues Exchange 2017
Saturday afternoon in Berlin
An afternoon at Insel der Jugend

the Spoonful 2017 (Edinburgh)
the Spoonful part I
the Spoonful part II
the Spoonful part III

Twilight Blues & Fusion 2017 (Amsterdam)
Walking in Amsterdam
A Saturday in Amsterdam
A Sunday in Amsterdam

Stockholm Blues Fest 2017 (Södertälje)
Stockholm Blues Fest I
Stockholm Blues Fest II
Stockholm Blues Fest II
Stockholm Blues Fest IV

Moose Blues 2017 (Oslo)
Snapshots from Moose Blues
A Moose Blues Mythology adventure

Fair City Blues 2017 (Dublin)
Fair City Blues part I
Fair City Blues part II
Fair City Blues part III

the Blues Garden 2017 (Göteborg)
Thoughts & photos from the Blues Garden
Before the Blues Garden

Autumn Blues 2016 (Warsaw)

the Spoonful 2016 (Edinburgh)
Walking in Edinburgh pt 1
Walking in Edinburgh pt 2
the Spoonful

European Blues Invasion 2016 (London)
Wicked, Bankside and Stompin' the Blues
European Blues Invasion 2016

Espanish Blues Festival 2016 (Madrid)
Gamla gator och paella i Madrid
El Retiro, bollträd och klassisk konst i Madrid
Tvättstreck och pastellväggar i Madrid
Espanish Blues Festival

the Blues Garden 2016 (Göteborg)
the Blues Garden 2016

Espanish Blues Festival 2015 (Madrid)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

the Blues Garden 2015 (Göteborg)

Berlin Blues Explosion 2014 (Berlin)
Berlin del 1
Berlin del 2
Berlin del 3
Berlin del 4
Berlin del 5
Berlin del 6
Berlin del 7
Berlin del 8

EBI 2014 (London)
Things I didn't photograph at EBI - note on this post: beware, it is very long. I am So Glad now, three years later, that I wrote all of this down. EBI was my very first international blues dance event (except for Blues Garden which didn't really count because a) it was really small, b) it's in my hometown, and c) I'm organizing it) and this post is just overflowing with love and joy. And I am so glad that so many things that were new to me then, are familiar to me now; that this dance scene is a home to me. I love that feeling.
European Blues Invasion part 1
European Blues Invasion part 2
Blues dancing at 7 AM in a London park

Blues Garden 2014 (Göteborg)
Part 1: Friday
Part 2: Saturday
Part 3: Sunday

Also, this thing I wrote in 2014 ...
"Knowing that there's nowhere I'd rather be in this moment, and at the same time incredulously wondering how it can be real – what did I do to make this my life? I must have done something right at one point or another, to have been able to create this life for me; this beautiful, wonderful life, that somehow includes blues dancing in a London park after a night of amazing dancing while the city is waking up to a new day around us."

I must have done something right.

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  1. Det här inlägget! I love. Alla dessa fina bilder. Så himla vackert. Tipsar om det här inlägget i min veckosammanfattning.

    "So I really feel that Dance Travel Photography Blogging should be a thing!"

    Allt amen på den efter det här inlägget. Wow.