oslo lindy exchange part II

Saturday night at Oslo Lindy Exchange! (Here is part I).

There was a showcase:

And there were mix & match finals:

And there was plenty of dancing:

This band - Jazzombies - are sooo goood. Definitely my favourite of the weekend (and the other bands weren't bad either). Can't wait to dance to them again at Winter Jump in February!

Mix & match winners & second place! (Yes, yes, Liam won, again. BUT I'M NOT JEALOUS. At all.)

On Sunday morning, we danced by the water at Salt (but most people weren't there to dance - they were there for the sauna). :)

And then later that afternoon there was a lovely tea dance at Bygdelagssamskipnaden:

With hot dogs! :)

The amazing organisers!

Thank you for having me, Oslo Lindy Exchange! I had a blast. <3

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