european blues invasion part 1

So. On a crazy whim back in March, I booked tickets to London and a workshop pass for European Blues Invasion. Why? Because I saw this video. How could I not go to a blues workshop that seemed so totally right up my alley? And, as you may have guessed already ... I don't regret going.

Most of what I experienced was impossible to photograph, but here are a few random moments that I caught.

Finally figured out how the sofabed worked in the apartment we rented. :)

"Wait, what? The lamps are changing colors and I can't immediately tell how? I need to figure this out." Oh, the joy of traveling with engineers. :)

I love breakfast.

Delta blues and Piedmont blues class with live music! We should always have live music. Dan Nash and Annette Kühnle teaching us and being awesome.

Look who still has her Blues Garden wristbands three months later! And she said Adamo still has his, too. It makes me so proud; organising a blues dancing workshop really is one of the most rewarding things I've done in my life. And it makes me look forward to next year so much. (Yes, in case you haven't heard: we're doing it again. :) And since I'm in charge of the graphic design again, I sort of already made a little sketch for a poster. I just couldn't help myself. :))


This is what the venue looked like.

And this is Mattias, eating crisps at quarter to four in the morning. :)

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