swingin' spring 2018: saturday

Saturday evening started with the mix n' match finals. I resolutely went to the lounge and got a chair for me to stand on in the middle of the crowd; the days of creeping around the corners of the dance floor, silently cursing my genes for making me short, are over. I realised over the years that nobody wins if I don't to what I need to do to get the photos I want. The finals were great fun, just see for yourself:

Later on in the evening, there was a great performance with the Gothenburg team from Savoy Cup (see their brilliance against Seoul here, but even more, see them SLAY London in last year's quarter final here) and the Swingin' Spring teachers! I loved it so much.

And then, social dancing:

Later, we went to Forum for the after party with Jenny Almsenius. It was SO great to finally get a lindy hop social with a blues after party! The atmosphere was magical in there, and I got some magical dances (though to be fair, I danced mostly with Liam, because you know, love and shit).

Meanwhile, there was some great lindy going on in the other room.

And general merriment going on in all of the rooms. :)

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