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Originally, going to Kew Gardens was our dear friend Louise's idea for a daytrip. But Louise got sick and we couldn't see her at all during our trip (that was a huge bummer - one of very few things I wish could have been different about this trip). It turned out, however, that Ryan and Anna had very similar suggestions for things to do with a day in London, so we ended up going to Kew Gardens anyway. And it was magnificent.

When we got there we realised that they closed unusually early that day, and we only had an hour and a half or so of time before closing. Ah well! We went in anyway, and I figured I'll just have to see more of it next time I come here.


Pretty buildings!


But most of all, the Treetop Walkway.

I had heard about the Treetop Walkway before, and loving trees, I was very excited to experience it. But I still didn't quite understand from descriptions or photos what it would ... be like?

Turns out it is just that: a walkway with platforms (a structure quite beautiful in itself), among the treetops. It felt like floating. The photos don't do it justice; I took appoximately one million nevertheless.

Outerwordly is maybe the best world for it. It felt like a strange planet.

"Can you stand next to the sign for size compari ... yes, you can interpret 'stand next to' however you want". :)

I was my happiest me.

And felt very lucky that we had time to walk around the loop before someone came to call us down and close it. I wanted to to two laps or more (it's not very long). I'll do that next time.

Marc Cary | Taiwa

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