uk roadtrip days 04 & 05: brownhills

What is this? Did Liam and I go to some sort of baking class while we were in Brownhills? Well - almost! :) But first things first.

Our first day in Brownhills was the day of baby Magdalena's christening. And as we sat there in the little church I was thinking to myself: "How is life so strange? If someone had told me five years ago that I would be at a christening in a Catholic church in a small town in the Midlands (one that I'd never even heard of at that point - did I even know what the Midlands were?), and not as some sort of lost tourist, but as the baby's uncle's girlfriend - and that it wouldn't be strange at all that I was there. How would I have reacted? With wonder and excitement, I hope.

After the christening we went to Joelle and Ed's for some cake and chats and hanging out ...

... and we managed to get a family photo! So many people with all of Liam's siblings and their partners and children. (My immediate family has all of six people (my parents, my brother, my sister-in-law, Liam and me. Liam's family has sixteen!) It was so so nice to see everyone again.

The day after Liam and I decorated cupcakes with Liam's mum, Anne.

It's her newest passion (/ obession) and she's got really good at it really fast (sounds a bit like someone else I know when they hyperfocus :)).

I got to choose all the colours! So I decided on a light cold pink for the roses and a dark burgundy for the tulips. (She can do loads of other flowers too, but these ones seemed ... the most doable for beginners.)

It was absolutely facinating to see her work! And very fun (and frustrating) to try it myself. :)

Ta-da! We did one set of roses each and one set och tulips each (Anne's are perfect, mine are wonky and messy, and Liam's are somewhere in between - exactly as expected), and Anne did the cream rose in the middle, of course. All in all we had a lovely day in Brownhills. And then we got to take the bouquet to Manchester and EAT IT. :)

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