uk roadtrip days 02 & 03: london

Our second full day in London!

We started with breakfast at Pret. Anna is the cutest <3

But this one isn't too bad either.

(Ryan is also cute but was sat too close to me, so no good photos there - such is life)

Next stop: London Transport Museum.

It can be hard to find a museum that fits both Liam and me, with our wildly different interests (Kristin: Things that are flat, colourful and well designed, even better with stories behind them! Liam: Things that do things!). London Transport Museum however covers both of our preferences beautifully.

Liam found a thing that does a thing. :)

And I found gorgeous graphic design with plenty of story behind it.

One of my favourite bits about the musuem was hidden London, about all the abandoned tube stations and what they are now (a protected refuge for bats!), about half finished engineering projects, about what it was like to be in the bomb shelters down there during World War II.

My other favourite bit was everything that had anything to do with design. :) The tube map itself (which I knew a bit about before because I'm a map nerd) and how it's evolved over time, the typography, the posters and ads, the infographics, and the different moquette (the fabric used for the seats on the tube) patterns. So good. I could have spent much longer there, but this museum is too big to take it all in in one go.

And the whole ground floor was filled with buses and trains. Just look at this beautiful one!

Liam's favourite was the tube train simulator. :)

I have a weakness for a good museum shop. This one was especially good! So I asked Anna and Ryan to pose with all the Elizabeth line merch. :) Liam bought a beautiful scarf with the Elizabeth line moquette pattern and I bought a puzzle with the tube map - obviously.

More moquette in the restaurant! :)

After the museum, we went for a little walk.


On our way back to Ryan and Anna's we ended up at this tap room, Mother Kelly's ...

... where I had a nitro porter that I can't remember the name of but that was absolutely lush.

And then we went back to Ryan and Anna's where we put all of this tasty food in us ...

... while we watched, and then had a loud singalong to, Encanto, a shared favourite for the four of us. :)

The day after we went out for a little walk

and looked at street art

and had arepas (omnom)

and looked at signs

and colours

and then it was time to say goodbye for now. Thank you so much for having us, Anna and Ryan - it was such a treat!

Liam and I originally had train tickets to Birmingham, but there was a national rail strike that day (which I fully support by the way) so we got bus tickets instead ...

... and a few hours later, we arrived in Birmingham, where we were picked up by Liam's kind brother-in-law Ed. But that's for the next chapter!

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