uk roadtrip day 01: london

So, as I said, I have many, many roadtrip photos from the UK to post, so buckle up (pun intended)!

We started our journey in London. Excuse the cliched airplane photo, but I just loved these pretty pretty clouds.

Originally we had booked a direct flight Gothenburg-London (and paid quite a bit extra to only have to take one flight), but because of all the staff shortages our flight was cancelled and we were rebooked to go via ... Helsinki. Which is in the exact opposite direction. Oh well. So we had a long day of travelling but got to Heathrow in the end.

And then we made our way to Whitechapel, and landed in the home of our beautiful friends, Anna and Ryan ...

... and this handsome little guy, Thunder. :) I was so happy to be there and so happy to see them.

And then Anna made these lush cocktails and we spent the rest of the night chatting on the couch. So good.

The next morning we went out for brunch. I felt like my eyes were twice their normal size, there's just so much to see everywhere. London is so ... much, you know? In the best way.

Our goal for the morning!

This was probably one of my favourite meals of the whole trip. :) Everything was so so good.

And just being able to be in the same room as Anna and Ryan again, talking about life, the universe and everything, after three years was an absolute delight.

After brunch we went on an excursion to Kew Gardens. On the way there we walked past a cricket match. Obviously! (Here's my first real-life encounter with cricket back in 2018 :))

But Kew Gardens itself (themselves?) was so wonderful and I took so many photos that I'll have to make a separate post about it.

On our way back we stopped for a drink and a rest at the pub. And to talk through dinner plans and what to do with the rest of our day.


On our way back into town we found out that the next train was the very last one for the day - because of the rail strike that was going on that day. Phew! It was pure luck that that's when we happened to get to the tube.

When Ryan asked if there was anything specific we would like to have for dinner, Liam exclaimed FISH AND CHIPS! So we went to Soho ...

... and Poppie's.

Peak British brown and yellow food! But Liam was very happy. :)

It's not an ugly place in general, London.

Next stop: Battersea!

We went there to see our friend Jeremy play in a blues jam. It was lovely to see him, but sadly, the music was too loud for the size of the room, so I mostly listened from an adjacent room. Around there somewhere is when all the muchness of the day finally caught up with me and I may have crashed a little - hence the lack of photos from the journey back to Ryan and Anna's. :)

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