things in december

December has been a very weird, very rich month, and the most unusal December since 2012, which was unusal for the opposite reason. But you know what? It makes total sense for a month like this, to finish off a year like 2017. It's been so much.

Here are some mixed things from December in no particular order:

I moved out from the house. Well, everyone did. The landlord decided to sell the house and gave us notice when I had only lived there for a month, so all in all I only got to stay there for just over four months. But much as moving sucks, it could have been so much worse. I was never worried I wouldn't find anything else - I always find something else. But I really miss living with Kyle!

The tea dance group built Forum out of gingerbread! How perfect is that?!

Mattias and I rehearsed a lot for a gig last weekend - more on that later, but I really love our rehearsal sessions these days, we know each other so well in the music now.

Because of the move, I spent a good deal of time at Trevliga Trion's headquarters. I have keys and a toothbrush there after all. :)

Mom and I baked gingerbread, as we always do.

It was snowing a lot!

One Monday evening I walked home from dancing, just because it was snowing, and I needed to be out in it; there were some very strong feelings to deal with that night. Walking helps, snow helps and love helps.

Liam spent a weekend here.
Finding these photos now, two weeks later, and realising:
It really happened
He really was here
It's real
It's happening

It's real.

Jacob Collier & the Metropole Orkest | Human Nature
(If you listen to this, do it when it's quiet around you; the details in this arrangement need attention. I'm completely smitten with it and have listened to it on repeat for almost a week now, I can't get enough of the depths of it.)

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