a walk in vienna

Back in December, Liam and I went to Vienna for a few days. We were mainly there for Lindy Tech Vienna with Kevin & Jo, which was hard work and an amazing opportunity for learning, just like the last Lindy Tech we did with them. Highly recommend!

Here's our beautiful airbnb - we really liked it there.

This is our street

and this is my love.

I didn't take any photos at all of anything dance related, but we did go out for burgers with this lovely crowd.

I was delighted that they had milkshakes, as that is mandatory with burgers.

Liam was delighted to see the amount of different condiments they had. :)

And then, on the Monday after the course was over, we had some time before our flight home. Everyone said we should "walk around the ring road" so we did just that. And we both immediately liked Vienna. What we saw was a really beautiful mix of ... everything. Here's what my camera saw:

It was a great weekend and we're looking forward to going back to Vienna at some point!

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