november 2019 part II

In the second half of November (here's the first half) i spent a weekend in London. I was SO hoping to have a good trip after the weird and difficult autumn (well, year) I had, and I really didn't. Nothing to do with the event - Blues Baby Blues - I went to and everything to do with, again, Liam's depression (even though he wasn't even there with me). Good god it's hard to have a partner with depression.

Anyway ... I arrived on Thursday, hoping to be able to do some good touristing. It's harder when sad, though.

At least I got myself to the V&A, mainly to see their photography exhibution which was brilliant.

I mean, just look at this!

Blues Baby Blues was just sad. This is where Liam and I really met, you know. In this staircase, more or less! And I missed him - I missed the Liam I got to know before anxiety took over. The real one.

Back home again I did what I do best to feel better: I went for walks.

And I had the BEST company.

Last weekend of November, Christmas finally started (because first of Advent!). Everything is brighter at Christmas.

Liam and I went to Liseberg (we go there quite a lot since we live 5 mins away) to see the lights, pet reindeer made of lights, and pick out new Christmas baubles. And celebrate that we survived November.

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