october 2019

Hi friends - I'm back! Let's jump back in time and look at some photos I took in October 2019, after I'd stopped blogging. It feels like ages since I stopped! But I started missing it almost immediately. We shall see if I'm back or if I'm just dipping my toes in.

What was I up to in October? Mainly walking, it seems like:

Rehearsed with the Sky is Crying, of course.

Hung out with this lovely human.

This is the view from our living room window, the building next to ours is a construction site. It's fine actually, it's not noisy and I've got used to the lights to the point that I think it's beuatiful now.

Spent quite some time at uni - have I told you that I'm taking musicology courses now? I'm planning on getting a masters in musicology and then get myself a PhD, so I can nerd out about blues and jazz and dance and stereotypes and power structures for ever. Shouldn't be impossible, I don't think.

Went to Stockholm with said band for a gig and took exactly two photos - these two enjoying their coffee at Max on our way there. :)

More walking!

It was my birthday and I had planned a big party (like I always do) but I cancelled it a few days before; our lives were too messy with Liam's depression (more on that later) at that point, so I was NOT feeling it. Had fika at my parents' instead. That felt a lot more manageable.

Liam baked tasty bread.

On my way to work.

Yep, six years later I still enjoy working on an island in the archipelago one day per week.

Quiz night at Notting Hill (always) with my gang, Mårrans vänner a.k.a. Nätta män och runda kvinnor. We placed second! Very nice.

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