december 2019

December. Wonderful, magical December. Easily the best month of 2019. The first half was good because, well, Christmas preparations and light and warmth and parties and friends and Christmas music and all that regular jazz.

And then, it got even better. Just a few days before Christmas, Liam lost his job. And became himself again overnight. I could almost see the anxiety and worry and depression crackling all around him like an iceberg and then falling off. It was magical. (Him losing his job was all due to corporate politics and nothing to do with him, and over the last eight months or so he was treated quite horribly. I've wanted him to quit for ages (we have savings enough to be able to prioritize our mental health), but even I didn't know how much of his anxiety was due to his horrible situation at work. Turns out, almost all of it!)

I got my boyfriend back overnight, calm, relaxed, cheerful, present, and loving me again. Best Christmas present.

Here are some of the things I photographed in December:

Rimliga kvinnor gathered to make sweets (knäck och kola och sådana där sockergrejer med liten chokladplupp på).

I took Liam to church on first of Advent just for the cultural experience of it and because I love the hymns. :)

Traditional gingerbread baking with my mum - Liam's a big fan of proper Swedish gingerbread. I mean, who isn't?

Went to Liseberg with my crew, well one of my crews, I guess. It was a cold, crisp Saturday, perfect for Liseberg.

Mikaela bought a huge bag of candied almonds and required help to finish it. :)

Just look at these beautiful humans!

"I mean it's ... quite cliché, but ... they just do decorations so well here!", Lisa exclaims with delight.

Liam and I went to buy crisps for an evening in with a film, and I had trouble deciding between two flavours. "You're an adult, you can get both" was his comment. OMG, I'm an adult, I can get both! Because I get to make my own rules about what I eat! Amazing. So I did. :)

Tove came over for Sunday fika. <3

And speaking of fika, yes of course we had Advent fika in Utby - seventh year in a row now, I think. The fika table was LUSH.

It seems in my camera roll like we mostly spent time taking turns to wear this little gift diadem? :)

My choirs, my pride and joy, had their concerts - this is Popkören Vega. I love them and I love my job and I was so proud I could burst!

A walk in the woods to get some energy after a tired day at work.

Hot chocolate at Berzelii with my love.

Two days before Christmas we drove to Hindås to celebrate little Ella's first birthday (I guess second if the first birthday is when you're born ...?). It was a lovely day with good friends and good chats and good fika.

Another walk in the city to take care of some Christmas errands. And then Christmas happened, but I'll save that for another blog post. :)

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