november 2019 part I

Let's move on to November! I woke up on the first day of the month at my brother's place in Stockholm. Had yummy breakfast and read Dagens Nyheter like some real stockholmare.

Lisa and Henrik's apartment is beautiful. I need a gin tray like this.

Had lunch with said brother

went to Fotografiska where everyone had their phones up even more than usual, because when you looked at the photos through your phone they started moving! Like in Harry Potter!

and then I went dancing for the rest of the weekend and didn't take any more photos.

Weekend walks with Johan & Gabriel are my favourite. This is the beginning of the walk, so Gabriel is slightly apprehensive. :)

But curious! :)

We have a great system going: I bring hot chocolate and Johan brings whatever he's most recently baked. Delicious bullar and cookies, in this case.

Everytime I hang out with Gabriel I'm amazed at how much I can relate to everything he says and does? We like all the same things! And he gets grumpy for the most reasonable of reasons. And we're fascinated by the same things. He likes letters, for example, big signs with big letters on them, even though he doesn't know yet that they're supposed to mean something. When he walked up to touch this sign, Johan exclaimed "oh wow ... you really are connected souls!".

The day after was a Sunday, and we had decided to have a Sunday with my gang in Utby. Essentially we just wanted a day to hang out and be lazy together. We started with brunch!

And then we took a walk in the woods

and when we came back inside, we had ridiculous amounts of fika - all leftovers from Lisa's birthday party the night before and watched a film. Perfect Sunday, I want to spend all of them like this.

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