christmas days

And then Christmas happened!

On the night before Christmas, I went for a walk at Liseberg. Just because I can, because it's my nearest park, and because it's so beautiful. After that I went up to Forum to have a few dances with my love (it was Monday, so yes of course the Monday dance was on).

And then we went home and stayed up late with random Christmas things, like gift wrapping, snuggling, sending messages ...

... and staring at this beautiful perfect Christmas tree.

Christmas Eve morning! We had a long lazy brunch at home, with eggs florentine and pains au chocolat.

And then we went to my parents'. First we went to my grandparents' grave to light a candle, like we always do on Christmas Eve.


Kale crisps! Such yum!

Liam made egg nog, because that's what he does. :)

Only took this photo at Christmas dinner. Liam obviously loves the Swedish julbord, because it has all the meat, and well ... all the food in general. :) He also loves julmust, so it seems like he'll fit right in here, doesn't it?

My brother didn't want to be in photos today (everyone else among my family and close friends has given me rolling consent to take photos unless they tell me not to, but my brother wants me to ask every time, and most of the time he says no), but here's my dad examining his one of his Christmas books! :)

Liam got "How to be Swedish" from my brother. :)

And here's what I got this year! Two books (we tend to do a lot of books in my family which I obviously love), a Moomin winter mug for my collection, and a gift card to a restaurant I'm excited to go to. Very pleased with this haul.

And then we had pudding! I don't love the taste but it is fun to see it on fire. :) And it felt nice to have something of the UK there, too. After dinner we played games and all that, and I didn't take any more photos after that.

On Christmas Day, I did what I have been doing for many years now, and went over to Johannes' to hang out with him and his family. (To Johannes' parents, I should say; he lives in Stockholm now, and that's why Christmas Day is such a good day to meet - he's always back in Gothenburg for Christmas.)

I got to say hi to his newest kid!

And play Mario Kart with his middle kid ...

... while Johannes played cards with his eldest kid. :)

After a while Johannes took over and then we played some more games. All in all it was a very chill Christmas Day and exactly what I wanted.

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