copenhagen lindy exchange 2022

The longer and more correct title for this blog post is "Copenhagen Lindy Exchange 2022 or, What I Ate In Copenhagen (and With Whom)". The thing about lindy exchanges is that there are no classes to go to, and the thing about no classes to go to is I can spend more time SLEEPING and EATING. The sleeping is boring to take photos of, and in the evenings I was too busy dancing and chatting to people to pick up my camera (more than just once - when I took the above photo). So when I came home I realised that I'd almost exclusively taken photos of food. Now you're warned. :)

Liam and I started our weekend with Thursday night summer rolls at Miranda's.

I'd never made summer rolls before and was delighted about this whole dipping in water thing :). And so nice to get to spend some time with Malthe as well (who doesn't dance, so we didn't see him during the event itself).

Later that night we went to see improv comedy, yay! (There was a Thursday night party, but at a smaller venue, and the tickets sold out quick.) Also, Katie came too, double yay! I got to spend so much time with her this weekend and it was LUSH. (Every time I use a northern word like lush or faff Katie looks at Liam and laughs. <3)

Friday brunch! Lovely Patricia and Alex invited us over for brunch, and Katie (who stayed with them) taught us to do (a beginner version of) bao! Very cool.

The filling was essentially mushrooms. What's not to love?

Such steam!

There were pancakes for brunch, too, and all kinds of tasty stuff to put on them

and I got to chat with all of these lovely people.

Same table, a few hours (and one good nap) later; Patricia and Alex were away on volunteer duty but Katie had me, Liam and Miranda over for pre-dance veggie carbonara. So so good.

"Food? Did someone say food? Is it for me? Mine? Mine?"

Saturday brunch! Miranda, Liam and I went out for brunch, or maybe more like lunch, to get some quality time just the three of us. Another luxury that it can be hard to find time for at dance events with classes, but that I really appreciated now. More time with Miranda is always better.

Other than that, is was, like I said, mostly dancing and chatting and hanging out. I didn't take time to see any of Copenhagen at all this trip; I just wanted to focus on dancing and getting enough rest.

One more thing, though: On Saturday night I made finals in the musicality comp! Yay yay! So fun. I felt so at ease during the prelims, the songs were so very much my kind of music, and I competed solo, so I only had my own presence and body and joy to think about. All I had to do was be in the music. The finals were battle style and I lost in my first battle against Katie which honestly is nothing other than an honour. I was hoping there would be a video of it, but apparently not. Ah well! Maybe next time. It was such a joyous experience, all in all.

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